Mr. Daniel of Dan Lift from Ethiopia visit Dar es Salaam on 15th March 2013

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Front right is Mr. Daniel of Dan Lift from Ethiopia and Danford Maganjila, Back from right is Chairman Eng. Andrew Mwaisemba, the former Executive Secretary Qs. Josper Mwandunga, Eng. Mzamiro Suru, Qs. Wolfgang Nyange, QS. Andrew Baraka, Acting Executive Secretary Ms. Angela Joseph, Ms Aby of Dan Lift from Ethiopia and Vice chairman Eng. Milton Nyerere.


The Association organized a study tour in Ethiopia for the purpose of enabling its members to learn from others and have more exposure to new technologies and share experiences from other successfully contracts. Invited participants for the study tour were all contractors and stakeholders, members and non members.


The study tour was so much successful since it was very participative and learned how support of the Ethiopian Government for local contractors helped them to capture nearly the whole market for building works. We also learned how successful local contractors in Ethiopia are managing their companies and shared our experiences with them. The delegate also had an opportunity to meet with the Ambassador of Tanzania in Ethiopia who was very happy with our trip and his office played a big role in making the trip successful.


And for the year 2013 we expect to organize a study tour to South Africa, Where our member and stakeholders will learn more how South Africa succeeded through blank empowerment.